About Us


Welcome to Mystique Chimes

Previously known as Pepperazzi Jewellery, we have revamped our site and this is our new home.  We offer a range of Harmony and Dream Ball Chiming Pendants in Sterling Silver, Preciosa Crystal, and also Silver and Gold finish.

Mystique Chimes is a small cottage business located at Innisplain, Queensland, and our customer base continues to grow all over Australia.  We have been in the business of specialising in and selling Harmony Chime Ball Pendants for just on 5 years now, and we believe our prices are very competitive and reasonable.

Feel free to take a look at our collection, and please don't hesitate to email with any enquiries.

Our Products

We specialise in Harmony Ball Pendants, Dream Ball Pendants, Angel Caller Pendants, Gamelan Balls, Mexican Bola, Baby Chimes, Chiming Spheres, or whatever name you would like to refer to them as.  We have a range of solid Sterling Silver Pendants, Preciosa Crystal and Sterling Silver, and Gold and Silver plated pendants also.

Each Pendant sold comes with a long silver or gold plated chain in a drawstring Gift Bag (included in the price).  These Pendants make wonderful gifts, ideal for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or just because!

Our endeavour is to have something to cater for all tastes, so please drop back regularly as we are always updating and expanding our product range.

A Brief History of Harmony Ball Pendants

There are stories that date back centuries from different cultures as to the origin of these pendants.  Traditionally, in Bali and Mexico these pendants have been passed down from mother to daughter through generations. They are worn during pregnancy as the chiming is said to be a soothing sound for the unborn infant, and is a familiar, pacifying sound for the infant after birth when worn during feed times or when baby is unsettled.  According to folklore, similar pendants or chiming spheres were worn to call on guardian angels and keep evil at bay.

Whether you refer to these pendants as Harmony Balls, Dream Balls, Angel Callers, Gamelan Balls, Mexican Bola or Baby Chimes, they are all very unique and quite lovely.

In modern times these Pendants are used to soothe, nurture and relax the owner and to lift one's spirits, or just as a lovely piece of jewellery to enjoy wearing and have admired.